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Yellowstone River Hit by PDK Parasite: 183 Miles and Tribs Closed to Recreational Angling


Gene Macri

Aquatic and Environmental Scientist

"Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has closed the river from the border of Yellowstone National Park to the Highway 212 bridge in Laurel. The move bans fishing, floating, tubing, swimming and more on the Yellowstone or its tributaries — including places like the Shields and Boulder rivers — until further notice (Bozeman Daily Chronicle August 19th)."

Thousands of the Whitefish have died and the possibility that the parasite could infect the game fish, namely Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout has raised seirous concerns from state scientists, anglers, and citizens. The parasite PDK is scientifically known as Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae. Here's an abstract from


Transmission of Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae
(Myxozoa: Malacosporea) to Fredericella sultana
Bryozoa: Phylactolaemata) by various fish species
Daniel S. Grabner, Mansour El-Matbouli*
Clinic for Fish and Reptiles (formerly: Institute of Zoology, Fish Biology and Fish Diseases), University of Munich,
Kaulbachstr. 37, 80539 Munich, Germany

 ABSTRACT: Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae is a myxozoan parasite of salmonids and freshwater
bryozoans, which causes proliferative kidney disease (PKD) in the fish host. To test which fish species are able to transmit T. bryosalmonae to bryozoans, an infection experiment was conducted with 5PKD-sensitive fish species from different genera. Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss, brown trout Salmo trutta, brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis, grayling Thymallus thymallus and northern pike Esoxlucius were cohabitated with T. bryosalmonae-infected Fredericella sultana colonies and then subse-quently cohabitated with statoblast-reared parasite free Bryozoa. Statoblasts from infected colonies were tested by PCR to detect cryptic stages of T. bryosalmonae, which may indicate vertical transmission of the parasite. In this study, brown trout and brook trout were able to infect Bryozoa, while therewas no evidence that rainbow trout and grayling were able to do so. Few interstitial kidney stages of the parasite were detected by immunohistochemistry in brown trout and brook trout, while rainbow trout and grayling showed marked proliferation of renal interstitial tissue and macrophages with numerous parasite cells. Intraluminal stages in the kidney tubules were only detected in brown troutand rainbow trout. In contrast to previous observations, pike was not susceptible to PKD in these trials according to the results of T. bryosalmonae-specific PCR. No DNA of T. bryosalmonae was
detected in any statoblast

The parasite has been found in Europe and has invaded Western States in the last 20 years. As stated in the above abstract it ultimately affects the renal system of the fish. Low water and increased temperatures have most likely contributed to the spread in my estimation. The parasite could have come from a number of inputs including farmed fish, birds, anglers or some other recreational endeavor.

This unfortunatley appears to be the future of our waters. With increased use, higher populations, migrations, and changing climatic patterns, degraded environmental conditions will occur. The amount of economic loss to Montana and surrounding areas will be great!




Eastern Streams Hit by Massive Heat Wave: Leave the Trout Alone


Gene Macri

Aquatic and Environmental Scientist

Eastern freestone trout stream and rivers have been hit by a massive heat wave. Lack of rain with extremely low volumes and flows have contributed to this lethal combination. Stream temps in some waters are in the mid 80's. Some trout will seek refuge in spring holes and feeder areas. LEAVE THE TROUT ALONE!!!!!. This isn't sporting and even if you release the fish the massive build up of lactic acid will kill these fish in due time. The overall stress on the fish is cumulative! If you need to catch a trout that badly go find a pay lake! I have shut down my private water for the last number of weeks due to low water conditions and members have no problem with it. These fish are too special to kill. If they have lasted this long they have a good chance of making it through the fall and winter!


Conewago Fly Fishers

I have a few openings in our private fly fishing club. Over 90% Wild Trout with Rainbows and Browns up to 29 inches! These are wild trout in a beautiful setting in Pennsylvania. We stricly limit the number of anglers. This is resource first club! We take care of the stream and fish rather than stock a stream to death with dumb fish. If you would like this experience. Please note we kill no fish. Strictly Catch and Release! Please contact me at once:


25 Inch Wild Brown Trout From Conewago Fly Fishers Private Water

This is 25 plus inch Wild Brown Trout Caught on a Dry Fly In April on the Private Water of The Conewago Fly Fishers. LOOKS LIKE A Brown From The MADISON --Doesn't IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Au Sable River in Michigan Under Attack from Private Hatchery

A few months ago I was called by a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. I was interviewed about my study with the late Dr. Black on Big Spring Creek that shut down the hatchery. They are using the study to help them. A private commercial hatchery is going to start operation that would dump the effluent directly into a branch of the Au Sable.which is one of the great trout streams in America. Here's the link to the Au Sable Anglers:

It's time fishermen and especially fly anglers take a stand on this idiocy. The Au Sable brings in millions and millions of dollars into Michigan. They will destroy it so some guy can try and make a few pennies (and he'll be lucky if he does that). Furthermore, the guy got a grant from the state...corporate wellfare at its best. Here's the Governor's telephone. Tell him that you and your friends will boycott coming to his state for fishing or anything else. This is the same governor, Snyder invvolved in the Flint Water fiasco. You want the permit pulled. You can read what the Au Sable Anglers are trying but money talks.


his address if you prefer to write:

Govenor Rick Snyder

P.O. Box 30013

Lansing, Michigan 48909


A Look At Bamboo Rod Tapers


Tom Smithwick



The Muddler Minnow and The Black Ghost:

Two of the Best Flies that Few Fly Fishermen Use!


Eugene Macri


The Secrets to Buying Flies


The Grey Ghost

How To Buy From Sierra Trading Post


Eugene Macri

Wild Trout: Do Fly Fishermen Really Want Them?


Gene Macri

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How to Use Weight In Fly Fishing:

The Art and Science of It

How to Use Weight in Fly Fishing at

It's one of the great arguments in fly fishing....Using Weight! Many fly anglers will not use split shot, lead, or any form of weight and consider it unsporting. I should say that most of these fellows don't catch many fish (More)


Outdoor and Underwater Cameras for Fly Fishermen

Canon Underwater Camera from Outdoor and Underwater Cameras for Fly Fishermen at www.

I've watched fly anglers use their valuable cell phones for outdoor cameras and I must shake my head. I've also watched these phone cameras get dunked! I really don't (More)



The Fate of the Montana Grayling
George Wuerthner

Bighole Grayling from Montana at

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking comments on the proposed listing of the Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Following the status review, the Service will either publish a proposed rule to protect the Arctic grayling under the ESA, or a withdrawal from candidate status in the Federal Register by Sept. 30, 2014. This may be the final step in the long drawn (more)



 What The Hell Do I Use:
A Simple Strategy for Success


The Rant Part 1

The State of The Union of Our Streams

(This Podcast Contains Language That May Be Deemed Inappropriate for Young Viewers or People Easily Offended)



The Light Cahill: Summer Hatches for Fly Fishermen

Light Cahill Dry Fly From The Light Cahill: Summer Hatches at



Spinner Fishing: The Imago Stage of the Mayfly

Mayfly Spinner (Imago Stage) from Spinner Fishing at


Why Fly Anglers Buy The Wrong Fly Rod

Fly Rod Selection: Why Fly Anglers Buy the Wrong fly rod at




Fishing And Gear Bags:

Surprising Bargains

Gear Bags for Fly anglers at

Modern Fly Line An Examination


Fly Line Loop At

How to Protect Your Fly LIne

How to Attach Fly Line Loop to a Leader

How to Properly Attach A Fly Loop to a Leader at

Ed Shenk's The Letort Hopper

The Letort Hopper is one of the deadliest flies ever invented yet I see few fly anglers ever using it even on spring creeks.  Why?  I don't really know (more

Letort Hopper from Ed Shenk's Letort Hopper at


Big Brown Trout Summer and Fall Rains

Brown trout and big brown trout seem to disappear on many trout stream especially after the spring onslaught. I've stated this before that even on marginal trout streams that are stocked with browns some usually remain. The fish are just an amazing species

Wild Brown Trout from Big Brown Trout Summer and Fall Rains at

Terrestrials for Late Summer and Fall Fishing

Terrestrials are flies that fly anglers only fish when other things seem not to work in the summer and the fall. Actually, terrestrials are good patterns 10 months or more in the year. Yes, especially with the global warming that our streams have experienced.

Grasshopper from Terrestrials for Late Summer and Early Fall Fly Fishing at

Booking for Fall Private Waters as Well as Pennsylvania Spring Creeks

Allen Kessel with a Wild Brown from the Conewago Creek at

The Hare's Ear G.R. Wet Fly

Why You Should Carry Lots of These in Your Fly Box!

Fly Fishing Debauchery!

It's What Fly Fishing is All About!

Catching Big Trout

Here are some basic guide lines for catching Big Trout in Your Area

Catching Big Trout


Private Waters An Objective Look

from Macri's Fly Fishing Blog

Big Trout From Private Waters:

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Best Wet Flies Volume 1




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The Secrets of The Prince Nymph

One of the Best Patterns That Fly Angler's Don't Use Enough

Prince Nymph By Gene Macri





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